Seminar Series March 4, 2011
Mick Atton & Mark Bluhm, Thomson Reuters

Cloud Computing

March 4, 2011


It is difficult to ignore the impact of cloud computing, both in the expanding range of vendor products and the collective responses of IT organizations in global and local companies. Thomson Reuters Legal is re-examining its computing platforms and its own software products in response to "the Cloud". This presentation is a consumer’s perspective to cloud computing and examines Thomson Reuters' initiatives ranging from the adoption of cloud infrastructure services to new software service offerings through technical, operational, legal and financial perspectives.


Mick Atton is Vice President and Chief Architect for Thomson Reuters Legal--the leading provider of legal research solutions--where he is responsible for the architecture and design of the software products and services produced by the company. These products include the extensive content acquisition/publishing services and the online delivery platforms such as and Additionally, Mick leads the technology evaluation of the numerous acquisitions made by Thomson Reuters Legal including their eventual integration into the product platform.

Mick has been at Thomson Reuters for 8 years following technical leadership positions at various software companies in both Australia and the United States, most recently at Lawson Software in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mick earned a masters degree in the management of technology from the University of Minnesota, building on undergraduate degrees in computer science and economics. He has taught software design in the graduate program at the University of St. Thomas, and has spoken at regional, national and international conferences and seminars on various aspects of software development. Mick, originally from Sydney Australia, now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Mark Bluhm
Senior Vice President, CTO of Share Services

Mark Bluhm is senior vice president & CTO of Shared Services, overseeing data center operations and strategy, architecture, technology labs, and mobile technologies. Mark also chairs the architecture council for the Professional Division of Thomson Reuters, and sits on a number of industry technology boards.

Mark has over 19 years of experience at the company, starting at then-West in 1991 as a software engineer. Mark has held several software development roles and has been awarded multiple software patents. Mark’s software development experience includes leading the team that developed the search and document retrieval systems that power many of our online systems including Westlaw. Mark has held several technology leadership roles, including Chief Architect for Thomson and Chief Technology Officer for Client Development.

Mark received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of South Dakota, and his doctorate in computer science from Washington University.

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