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Saturday December 11, 2010        
Registration 7am onwards 2nd Floor Break Area    
7am - 8am Breakfast 2nd Floor Break Area    
8am - 8:15am Opening Remarks Room 200      
8:15am - 10:15am Room 200   Room 340    
Session 1A Human Capital and IT Productivity Session 1B: Social Media - 1  
Session Chair: Bin Gu (UT-Austin)   Session Chair: Michael Smith (CMU-Heinz)  
Paper Authors Discussant Paper Authors Discussant
How Does Data-Driven Decision-Making Affect Firm Productivity and CEO Pay? Heekyung Kim (MIT), Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT) and Lorin Hitt (Wharton) Sunil Wattal (Temple);  Search Costs and Benefits on the Mobile Internet: An Empirical Analysis of Microblogging Behavior Anindya Ghose (NYU), Avi Goldfarb (Toronto) and Sang Pil Han (NYU) Vandana Ramachandran (Utah)
Job Hopping, Knowledge Spillovers, and Regional Returns to Information Technology Investments Prasanna Tambe (NYU) and Lorin Hitt (Wharton) Nishtha Langer (Indian School of Business) Seeking Variety: A Dynamic Model of Employee Blog Reading Behavior Param Vir Singh (CMU-Tepper), Nachiketa Sahoo (CMU-Tepper) and Tridas Mukhopadhyay(CMU-Tepper) Raymond Sin (HKUST)
Returns on Human Capital Investments in Offshore IT Services Industry: A Firm Level Analysis Amit Mehra (Indian School of Business - ISB), Nishtha Langer (ISB), Ravi Bapna (Minnesota) and Ram Gopal (UConn) Khim Yong Goh (NUS) Identifying Influential and Susceptible Individuals in Social Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment Sinan Aral (NYU) and Dylan Walker (NYU) Mingfeng Lin (Arizona)
10:15am -10:45am Coffee Break        
10:45am - 12:45pm Room 200   Room 340    
Session 2A: Business Value and IT Productivity Session 2B IT and Society  
Session Chair: Sandra Slaughter (GA. Tech)   Session Chair: Avi Seidmann (Rochester)
Paper Authors Discussant Paper Authors Discussant
Information Technology, Foreign Revenues and Foreign Profits: Theory and Evidence Sunil Mithas (Maryland), Jonathan Whitaker (U Richmond) and Ali Tafti (Urbana-Champaign) Ram Gopal (Connecticut) The Role of Technology Refresh on Asset Ownership in IT Outsourcing Vidyanand Choudhary (UC-Irvine), Vijay Gurbaxani (UC-Irvine) and Qiang Zeng (UC-Irvine) Gordon Gao (Maryland)
Interaction Effects of R&D and Information Technology on Firm Market Value    Indranil Bardhan (UT-Dallas), Vish Krishnan (UC-San Diego) and Shu Lin (Cal. State, Fresno) Chris Forman (GA. Tech) Guns, Privacy, and Crime Alessandro Acquisti (CMU-Heinz) and Catherine Tucker (MIT) Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston U)
Learning and business value of information systems: The case of customs automation system implementation Tianshi Wu (GA. Tech), Chris Forman (GA. Tech), Sridhar Narasimhan (GA. Tech), German Retana (GA. Tech), Sandra Slaughter (GA. Tech) and Sebastian Urbina (TIP Center) Rahul Telang (CMU) Empirical Investigation of the Economics of Telemedicine for Treating Patients Suffering from Parkinson Disease Balaraman Rajan (Rochester), Abraham Seidmann (Rochester), Ray Dorsey (JHU), Kevin Biglan (Rochester - Medicine) and Jason Reminick (Rochester - Medicine) Sunil Mithas (Maryland)
12:45pm - 2pm Lunch        
2pm -- 4pm Room 200   Room 340    
Session 3A Intermediaries and Search   Session 3B Competitive Strategy  
Session Chair: Andew Whinston (UT, Austin)   Session Chair: Geoff Parker (Tulane)  
Paper Authors Discussant Paper Authors Discussant
The Role of Organic Lists in Search Advertising Lizhen Xu (UT-Austin), Jianqing Chen (Calgary) and Andrew Whinston (UT-Austin) Anindya Ghose (NYU) When Should Software Firms Commercialize New Products via Freemium Business Models? Marius Niculescu (GA. Tech) and D. J. Wu (GA. Tech) Ed Anderson (Texas, Austin)
Sponsored Search: Do Organic Results help or hurt the Performance and under what conditions? Ashish Agarwal (UT-Austin), Kartik Hosanagar (Wharton) and Michael Smith (CMU-Heinz) Arun Sundararajan (NYU) An Analysis of "Fixed-Up-To" (FUT) Pricing Using A Stochastic Model of Consumer Behavior Atanu Lahiri (Washington), Rajiv Dewan (Rochester) and Marshall Freimer (Rochester) Jan Staellert (Connecticut)
Analyzing IT Outsourcing Contract Outcomes: The Role of Intermediaries Ravi Bapna (Minnesota), Alok Gupta (Minnesota), Gautam Ray (Minnesota) and Shweta Singh (Minnesota) Paul Pavlou (Temple) Versioning and Pricing of ‘No Free Disposal’ Information Goods with Initial Development Costs Ramnath Chellappa (Emory) and Amit Mehra (ISB) Karthik Kannan (Purdue)
4pm - 4:15pm Coffee Break        
4:15pm - 6:15pm Saturday Poster Session P1 Poster Slam Co-Session Chairs Room 200
4:15pm - 5:20pm  Poster Slam Jui Ramaprasad (McGill) and Sarah Rice (Connecticut)  
5:20pm - 6:15pm Poster presentations        
Paper   Author(s)      
Who Welcomes Behavioral Targeting: An Economic Analysis Jianqing Chen (Calgary) and Jan Stallaert (UConn)
Determinants of Mode of Innovation in IT Firms Rajiv Banker (Temple), Sunil Wattal (Temple) and Jose Plehn-Dujowich (Temple)  
Confirmation Bias, Overconfidence, and Investment Performance: Evidence from Stock Message Boards Jaehong Park (Ulsan NIST, Korea), Prabhudev Konana (UT-Austin), Bin Gu (UT-Austin),
Alok Kumar (Miami) and Rajagopal Raghunathan (UT-Austin)
Automated Bidding in Overlapping Auctions with Unit-Demand Buyers: A Laboratory Experiment Sarah Rice (UConn) and Robert Day (UConn)    
Risk and Return of Investments in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Harpreet Singh (UT-Dallas), Ram Gopal (UConn) and Xinxin Li (UConn)    
Word of Mouth Dynamics in Online Social Networks: Investigating Social Influence Cascades on YouTube Anjana Susarla (CMU-Tepper), Jeong-Ha Oh (Washington) and Yong Tan (Washington)    
Vaporware: Product Pre-Announcements in a Duopoly with Network Effects Dmitry Zhdanov (UConn)    
Information Sharing in Social Broadcast: Evidences from Twitter Zhan Shi (UT-Austin), Huaxia Rui (UT-Austin) and Andrew Whinston (UT-Austin)    
An Empirical Analysis of Vulnerability Disclosure Policies Sabyasachi Mitra (GA. Tech) and Sam Ransbotham   (Boston College)  
Antecedents and Consequents of CIO Equity incentives: How Firms may Align the Digital and Business Strategy Vernon Richardson (Arkansas), Juan Sanchez (Arkansas), Pankaj Setia (Arkansas)
 and Rod Smith (Cal. State - Long Beach)
Treasure Hunt: a Field Experiment on Social Learning Markus Mobius (Harvard) and Tuan Phan (HBS)    
Communicating the Value of Intangibles: The Role of Capitalization and Patent in the Software Industry Pantea Alirezazadeh (UConn), Ram Gopal (UConn),  and Sarah Rice (UConn)
Social Network Effects on Performance and Layoffs: Evidence From the Adoption of a Social Networking Tool Lynn Wu  (MIT)      
Buses Depart for Randall Gallery 6:30pm      
6:30pm - 10pm Gala Evening at the Randall Gallery, Downtown St. Louis  
The event is sponsored in part by the Fox School of Business at Temple University
Sunday December 12, 2010        
7am - 8am Breakfast        
8am - 10am Room 200   Room 210    
Session 4A: E-Markets   Session 4B Digital Goods  
Session Chair: Sanjeev Dewan (UC, Irvine)   Session Chair: Tridas Mukhopadhyay (CMU-Tepper)
Paper Authors Discussant Paper Authors Discussant
Higher Revenue with the Same Demand: Distributing Buyer Demand via Lower Transactions Costs Online Eric Overby (GA. Tech) and Karthik Kannan (Purdue) Chris Dellarocas (Boston U) Shift in Demand for Music: Causal Effect of Online File Sharing and Digital Music on Album Sales Byungwan Koh, B.P.S. Murthi and Srinivasan Raghunathan Param Vir Singh
Impact of Past Performance and Strategic Bidding on Winner Determination of Open Innovation Contest Yang Yang (Temple), Pei-yu Chen (Temple) and Rajiv Banker (Temple) DJ Wu (GA. Tech) Social Bias in Online Product Ratings: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis Chong (Alex) Wang (HKUST), Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang (HKUST) and Il-Horn Hann (Maryland) Jim Marsden (Connecticut)
Launching Successful E-Markets: A Broker-Level Diffusion Analysis of Two Options Exchanges Chris Parker (LBS) and Bruce Weber (LBS) Hila Etzion (Michigan) “THE BROADCAST WINDOW EFFECT”: Information Discovery and Cross-channel Substitution Patterns for Media Content Anuj Kumar (CMU-Heinz), Michael Smith (CMU-Heinz) and Rahul Telang (CMU-Heinz) Sinan Aral (NYU)
10:am -10:15am Coffee Break        
10:15am - 12:15pm Sunday Poster Session P2 Poster Slam Co-Session Chairs    
10:15am - 11:20am Poster Slam Jui Ramaprasad (McGill) and Sarah Rice (Connecticut) Room 200  
11:20am - 12:15pm Poster presentations        
Paper   Author(s)      
Are doctors created equal? An investigation of online ratings by patients Guodong (Gordon) Gao (Maryland), Jeffrey McCullough (Minnesota) , Ritu Agarwal (Maryland) and Ashish Jha (harvard)
Digital Access, Political Networks and the Diffusion of Democracy Lauren Rhue (NYU) and Arun Sundararajan (NYU)
Optimal Online Banking Security Configuration under Burden of Proof Myunsoo Kim (KAIST) and Byungtae Lee (KAIST)    
How Well Do Intangible Assets Maintain their Value over Time? Adam Saunders (Wharton)
Online Channel: A means to higher market valuation and better revenue prediction? Alvin Chung Man Leung (UT-Austin), Ashish Agarwal (UT-Austin)and Prabhudev Konana (UT-Austin)
IT Governance: Incentives - the Missing Link in Alignment? Shivendu Shivendu (UC-Irvine) and Joseph Vithayathil (UC-Irvine)
The Interplay between Seeders and Pirates in P2P Networks: An Empirical Analysis Il-Horn Hann (Maryland) and Joo Hee Oh (USC)
Winning Crowdsourcing Contests: an Analysis of the Micro-Structure of Multi-Relational Networks Jiahui Mo (UT-Dallas), Eric Zheng (UT-Dallas)and Xianjun Geng (UT-Dallas)
An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Advanced Web Technologies on Product Returns Prabuddha De (Purdue), Yu (Jeffrey) Hu (Purdue) and Mohammad Rahman (Calgary)
Demand and Revenue Impacts of the Opaque Channel: Empirical Evidence from the Airline Industry Nelson Granados (Pepperdine), Kunsoo Han (McGill) and Dan Zhang (McGill)
Information Technology, Skilled Labor, and Factor Substitution: Evidence from the Healthcare Industry Michael Furukawa (ASU), T. S. Raghu (ASU) and Benjamin Shao (ASU)
Has the “Golden Rule” Lost its Aura? Revisiting Multimarket Contact under Asymmetric Pricing in the US Domestic Airline Industry Ramnath Chellappa (Emory), Raymond Sin (HKUST) and Vallabh Sambamurthy (Michigan State)
12:15pm - 2pm Lunch + Business Meeting        
1pm - 1:45pm Keynote: Joel Waldfogel (Minnesota, NBER) - "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie? The Supply of New Recorded Music since Napster"
2pm -- 4pm Room 200   Room 210    
Session 5A Innovation   Session 5B Social-Media 2  
Session Chair: MS Krishnan (Michigan)   Session Chair: Yannis Bakos (NYU)  
Paper Authors Discussant Paper Authors Discussant
Designing Innovation Tournaments to Maximize Their Value: An Economic Perspective Eric K Clemons (Wharton) and Sergei Savin (Wharton) Ram Chellappa (Emory) Is Oprah Contagious? Identification of Cross Product Spillovers in a Product Network  Eyal Carmi (Tel Aviv), Gal Oestreicher- Singer (Tel Aviv) and Arun Sundararajan (NYU)) Alessandro Acquisti (CMU, Heinz)
Growth and Innovation in Platform Ecosystems Geoffrey Parker (Tulane), Lones Smith (Wisconsin) and Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston U) VC (UC-Irvine) An Empirical Analyses of Competitive Dynamics in Enterprise Social Media Yan Huang (CMU-Heinz), Param Singh (CMU-Tepper) and Anindya Ghose (NYU Sanjeev Dewan (UC-Irvine)
Media, Aggregators and the Link Economy: Strategic Hyperlink Formation in Content Networks Chris Dellarocas (Boston U), Zsolt Katona (Berkeley) and William Rand (Maryland) Shivendu (UC-Irvine) The new ROI – “Return on Influentials” Abrar Alhasan (Maryland) and Siva Viswanathan (Maryland) Lorin Hitt (Wharton)
4pm - 4:15pm Coffee Break        
4:15pm - 5:30pm Whither WISE 2010 Panel        
  Moderator: Arun Sundararajan (NYU) -- Alessandro Acquisti (CMU-Heinz), Anindya Ghose (NYU), Alok Gupta (Minnesota),
Lorin Hitt (Wharton), Haim Mendelson (Stanford)

Theme - The creativity of the scholars in the WISE community,
the range of phenomena we study, the evolving nature of IT-driven
transformation and the inherently interdisciplinary methods we use
draw scholars in a variety of other disciplines to our research, and
sometimes leads our researchers into becoming active participants in
other disciplinary areas.  This crossover has existed in the WISE
community since its inception, although it appears that this kind of
intellectual exchange may have intensified recently. The panel will
debate the opportunities and challenges created by this expansion of
the WISE footprint, possibly touching on the trade-offs faced by
researchers who are active contributors to more than one research
community, the benefits and risks of pro-active interdisciplinary
intellectual exchange, the returns from being entrepreneurial in
finding new areas of IT-driven change to study, and the implications
of a constantly shifting focal area for IT economics as a “paradigm”.